Grants Administration

General Purpose

Grants Administration centralizes and coordinates grant-related functions for Sanford Research and Sanford Health through:

  • Identification of funding opportunities
  • Support of Principal Investigators and Program Directors with preparation and submission of grant proposals
  • Monitoring of grant activities for all contracts and grants awarded form external funding sources
  • Support of those individuals already engaged in grant procurement

Primary Responsibilities

Grants Administration:
  • Serves as the coordinating entity for Sanford Research and Sanford Health grant proposals and grant awards
  • Develops and coordinates grant proposals that address Sanford Initiatives and community needs
  • Serves as a resource to identify and secure grant funding for services and operations
  • Coordinates monthly reporting of grant activity


The following procedures intend to assist in preparation of competitive proposals and efficient management of grants award and implementation processes. Grants Administration requests your cooperation with:

  • Notification of upcoming grant renewals and applications to ensure proper planning
  • Notification of formal meetings with potential funders so that appropriate approval and collaboration is coordinated
  • Obtaining approval from administration for all grant proposals
  • Maintenance of high standards of quality for all grant applications
  • Maintenance of an atmosphere of teamwork when planning and implementing grant-related activities

SharePoint provides online resources and information for Sanford Research and Sanford Health faculty and staff. Resources available include:

  • Grant Announcements
  • Grant Search Engines
  • Federal Forms (i.e. SF 424, PHS 398)
  • Grants Administration Forms (i.e. Sponsored Projects Information, Routing/Approval Forms)

Contact Information
Grants Administration
Sanford Research
2301 East 60th Street North
Sioux Falls, SD 57104-0589
Phone: 605-312-6078

Fax: 605-312-6071