The mission of the Office of Commercialization is to move inventions arising from all areas of Sanford’s health system into the marketplace for public benefit and economic development.

The Office of Commercialization at Sanford Health is committed to fostering an entrepreneurial environment and helping Sanford inventors introduce their discoveries to the marketplace.  Our office manages Sanford’s intellectual property (IP) and develops strategies and alliances that promote the development and commercialization of new products.  We provide patenting, licensing, and company start-up services free of charge for inventions developed with Sanford resources.

Employees of Sanford Health are encouraged to bring new findings, developments or discoveries to the Office of Commercialization.  For inventions arising from research involving federal funding, Sanford policy and federal law require that these inventions be disclosed to our office.  Inventors should fill out an Invention Disclosure Report to submit their ideas, as these reports document the identity of the inventors and are the starting point for intellectual property protection and technology development.

For intellectual property and commercialization inquiries please contact:
Whitney Robertson, PhD, MBA , Director of Commercialization

Sanford Research
Sanford Center
2301 East 60th Street North
Sioux Falls, SD  57104
Office: (605) 312-6072