Research with CoRDS

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Here at Sanford Research, we are committed to finding cures and advancing therapies into rare diseases. To further this mission, we established the Coordination of Rare Diseases at Sanford (CoRDS) – a national rare disease registry designed to accelerate research into these rare conditions.

You may be eligible to access the CoRDS Registry if your study:

  • Has IRB approval from your institution
    If you are conducting an IRB-approved investigation concerning a rare disease, we invite you to apply for access to the CoRDS Registry. CoRDS can help you connect with individuals diagnosed with your disease(s) of interest. Approved researchers can view our de-identified patient database, and request that we contact participants on their behalf. We utilize the Common Data Elements recommended by the NIH Office of Rare Disease Research(ORDR).
  • Has been submitted to the CoRDS advisory panel for review
    To receive application materials, please email with your name, institution, and a brief description of your research. CoRDS personnel will contact you regarding submission requirements, and your complete application will be reviewed by the CoRDS advisory panel.

If you have questions, visit our list of Researcher FAQs (frequently asked questions) section. To learn more about the type of data present in the CoRDS Registry, please visit our metrics page.

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We invite you to contact us about how we can work together to accelerate research into rare diseases by creating a central resource for physicians, researchers, organizations, and individuals alike.