Sanford Health BioBank

It takes all of us to pioneer the future of medicine.

Taking care of yourself, others and the future of medicine
At Sanford Health we believe it takes all of us to pioneer the future of medicine. That includes you. You do what you can for your own health and for the health of your family and loved ones. A few minutes of your time and a simple blood draw can make a major impact on helping us better understand disease and discover cures for future generations.

Sanford Health BioBank
The Sanford Health BioBank was established in 2011 to advance Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research and support ongoing research programs in a broad range of health conditions at Sanford Health. Our biobank and this important research create a turning point in personalized medicine and breast cancer care. Samples collected from thousands of people just like you are stored in the biobank which serves as a library for researchers to make discoveries in breast cancer and other diseases.

Your part
By giving a small part of yourself today, you can change tomorrow. You can pioneer the future of medicine with us by donating your genetic information through a simple blood draw to the Sanford Health BioBank.

All Sanford Health BioBank participants have the opportunity to discuss what the biobank is and how their participation advances research with a biobank coordinator. This information is also included in the patient consent packet, which is reviewed and signed by the participant and biobank coordinator at the time of participation.

To learn more about the biobank or how to participate, please contact the Sanford Health BioBank or call (866) 808-5098 to make an appointment.